Redefining Gut Health

If your gut is healthy, you are healthy. What makes the difference is having the right probiotic with the right strains that is effective, yet gentle enough to take every day.

That’s the whole idea behind Raw Flora™ – a doctor formulated probiotic line developed to target key health areas – digestive, gut, immunity, vaginal health and more.†

We start with clinically studied strains and powerhouse ingredients that synergistically deliver multiple benefits. Our strains are carefully selected with a focus on diversity, so you can be assured that we’ve got your health needs covered – no matter what wellness journey you might be on.

What really makes Raw Flora™ uniquely different from other probiotics out there is the different genera we pack into one capsule a day. Raw Flora is formulated with 3-4 different genera and 18-25 time-tested probiotic strains, including Lactobascillus rhamnosus, the #1 most studied strain. This, plus the high-potency of 30-50 billion of your bacteria besties makes for a powerful and targeted probiotic!

We omit common allergens (such as gluten, dairy and soy) and remove all GMOs…. while keeping effective ingredients and high-potencies in. The result is clean, vegan probiotics that provide you with the healthy microflora balance you crave.

Raw Flora™ … premium quality probiotics gentle enough to take every day, with the gut support you are looking for.†